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Welcome to the NRG Cheersports family, we wear our club colors proud and our athletes give everything they have in the 2 1/2  minutes they have on the floor. Cheer leading isn't the sideline act IT IS the entertainment. 

NRG have been offering recreational and competitive teams in Perth for over a decade, in fact we were one of the first cheer leading clubs to establish in Perth and we have some of the most respected coaches ensuring our athletes reach their full potential.

NRG are also the only not for profit club in Perth, our committee is solely made up of parents of either current or past athletes. This means we are able to offer affordable programs and we only have the athletes best interest at heart.

We also have some of the of the best training facilities in Perth including a fully sprung floor, foam pit, air track and much more. This means our athletes have everything they need to develop their skills in a fun and safe environment, something that is paramount to NRG. 

So are you ready to jump board and be apart of our family...        
What are you waiting for? 

Latest News 

We still have limited spaces for our competitive teams so its not to late to be apart of the 2016 season! Whether you are new to cheer, 
or you've been cheering for years email us to discuss.